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If you’re here, you either have a deep desire to care for and feed a Morbidly Adorable or someone told you clicking here would save your soul! Feeding a Morbidly Adorable is a sublime blessing that just might save revive your little soul light, so why not?! For those who want to support the Morbidly Adorables, thank you from the bottom of our Tiramisu Robot-loving hearts! If you leave this page and reject the concept of supporting our mission, we still like you. If you want to help Misty continue flooding the world with love and color, here are five splendid ways:

1) Spread the word. A free way to help MA in a massive way is to simply tell your friends about the site and share Misty’s art on social media.

2) Make a small monthly pledge through PatreonPatreon is a service made for this exact situation. You may click the button below to see how you can support while getting an exclusive look into the Morbidly Adorable World:


3) Make a one-time donation through PayPalIf monthly pledges aren’t your thing, normal donation works great too. If you enjoy seeing the Tarot unveiled, have used Misty’s art as a tattoo, or the Morbidly Adorables make you smile, show your support by throwing some change in the tip jar!


4) Buy Original Paintings & Art to directly support Misty’s work. If you are looking for gifts, the following places sell merchandise featuring her art: Zazzle Gift Shop for t-shirts to custom mugs, Night Light Designs’ Night Lights, and Starshine Arts Stickers.

5) Subscribe. Join the Mailing List. We’ll never spam you with e-mails. One day we’d like to send out a weekly update, but for now it’s less frequent than that. When new projects are released, including the Tarot, we’ll let you know. You may subscribe here:

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Thank you for supporting, creating, and being dreamers!

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