Knight of Wands – Original 78 Tarot Painting


Original 13.75″x20″ Acrylic Painting on Canvas Sheet (unframed) – Artwork from the 78 Tarot Nautical Deck. This is my original painting from a collective tarot deck that included more than 78 artists who contributed to make one amazing water-themed deck! This is your chance to own the artwork from a limited edition tarot deck! See more details about the artwork below…

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Meet the Nautical Knight of the Morbidly Adorable! Donning an antique diving suit, two hummingbird skulls adorn the bronze helmet, generating a spark of magic. Hummingbirds are harbingers of sweetness and light. Their amazing aerial feats make them the ideal traveling companions. The steed of the wide-eye Knight, the Skelly Seahorse, transports this whimsical rider to fantastic new realms. Due to its delicate nature and small stature, the seahorse is generally at the mercy of the seas, but the Skelly in this Seahorse gives it an otherworldly resilience for the task at hand. Also making an appearance in this story is the Octo-Worry Wart. The Worry Wart is the unvoiced fear of the adventurer. As the Knight charges fearlessly ahead, Worry Wart already knows the dangers of this world. His missing eye alludes to some trying times. If the Knight stopped to think about what could go wrong, he might be paralyzed. It’s best to let Worry worry about that! The funny, furry creatures at the bottom are the Capybara, the world’s largest rodent! Their smiling demeanor and hippo-like features enliven any water scene! They love a good swim and are the first to alert if something is amiss! If the querent draws this card, it is time for an adventure! Whether it be travelling to a faraway destination for the trip of a lifetime, or to a local park to create a senseless act of beauty, an open heart and an open mind are required.