21: World – Original Tarot Painting


Original 16″x20″ Acrylic Painting on Canvas Sheet (unframed) – Artwork from the Morbidly Adorable Tarot Deck. This is an original painting from my tarot deck to be published and released worldwide by U.S. Games. This is your chance to own the artwork before the deck is even released! See more details about the artwork below…

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As this little darling has discovered, the world is yours! The dragon and the peacock reach out to place a crown on her head as she completes her goals and achieves her dreams. The Daruma upon which she perches is a sign of this. (Darumas are traditional Japanese “dolls” that come with white eyes. While thinking of a goal or a wish, one colors in an eye with black ink or paint. Upon completion of the goal, the other eye is painted black to demonstrate that the project has come full circle.) In each of the four corners are the Morbidly Adorable symbols of the 4 elements — dragon = fire, peacock = air, seahorse = water, and skelly flowers = earth. The Morbidly Adorable World card is full of sweetly spooky symbolism!