Wands: 10 of – Original Tarot Painting


Original 16″x20″ Acrylic Painting on Canvas Sheet (unframed) – Artwork from the Morbidly Adorable Tarot Deck. This is an original painting from my tarot deck to be published and released worldwide by U.S. Games. This is your chance to own the artwork before the deck is even released! See more details about the artwork below…

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After the adventurous spirit of the Eight and the arduous journey of the Nine, the Ten of Wands brings it all home! Though his load is heavy, the Skelly cannot help but smile! With the beautiful full moon to light their way, the Skelly and his companion cannot quell their excitement! Let’s just hope the Skelly cat can keep his paws off his winged escorts!

Now that you have reached the end of your journey, accomplished a goal, or launched a dream, don’t forget the responsibility that comes with success. When you wish for the dream, you need to remember to feed it