Artist Statement

I have spent my entire life looking for a way to capture the dreams we shake from our hair, wipe from our eyes, or clear like cobwebs from our brains. Scouring for meaning in books, art, cultural traditions, imagery, symbols, and dreams, I set out on a journey to create my own visual language through Tarot Cards.

We are creatures that yearn for meaning. We look for visual patterns including faces in clouds and images of the divine on toast. These acts are so ingrained that we have a word for it, pareidolia. We look for symbolism and meaning in the everyday. We like to make things significant. When you think of someone you haven’t thought of in years, and suddenly they call you “out of the blue,” it must mean something. Carl Jung coined the term synchronicity to define “meaningful coincidence,” when there is no apparent connection between events, but we find meaning in it anyway.

Tarot cards provide a platform for synchronicity. A springboard to look for meaning. Writers use prompts in their work to get their minds thinking. I use tarot cards as prompts for self-reflection and to explore the connections between us. I want to elevate tarot, to grant that same reverence that we afford artists and poets, to the workings of synchronicity, pareidolia, and dreams, through the art and writings of the Morbidly Adorable Tarot.